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Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1 (for mirrorless)
Kumamoto Reconstruction Assistance
"Sewing in Kumamoto"

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Product nameKumamon Camera Strap Ver1
Item NumberHold the camera (photographer):IND-900-PH、Face (Smile):IND-900-SM
Illustration typeHold the camera (photographer)、Face (Smile)
sizefull length 1370cm(Body part60cm)、Main body tape width 30mm、Leading tape width11mm
Main materialNylon、PVC
Made in Japan(Kumamoto)
JANHold the camera (photographer):4589770434018、Face (Smile):4589770434025
 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

A camera strap for mirror-less camera where “KUMAMON”, the mascot character of Kumamoto Prefecture, is printed.

Productization of this camera strap was triggered when a relationship with the administration office for KUMAMON was developed through a development of “emergency baby sling” in cooperation with a maternity hospital in Kumamoto.

Although a cute KUMAMON is printed, the quality of the strap is the same as the conventional camera straps for professional photographers. A material is used and the design is made for the strap to be easily wound around your wrist and less burden to your neck.

When the strap is worn by an adult, KUMAMON printed on the strap will make people around you smile. Of course, the strap will fit good looking ladies as well.

Two types of illustrations, “camera holder (photographer)” and “face (smile)”, are available.

The material is cut and the strap is sewn in the plants in Kumamoto to be able to somewhat contribute to the local industries in Kumamoto.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1As the tip of the strap tape is 11mm wide, please check your camera strap width before you purchase the strap.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

This is a strap which perfectly fits your mirror-less camera.

Nylon twill of 30mm width is used assuming the strap to be used with a light weight mirror-less camera.
As the tape width is 11mm at the tip of the strap, it will fit any types of camera.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

The strap material is processed for water repellency and slip resistance.

Nylon twill processed for water repellency is used on the front side, and slip resistant PVC is used on the rear side of the strap.
Because both the front and the rear material do not absorb moisture, there is no worry for water or sweat penetrating into the material.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

A strap designed to be easily wound around your wrist.

We tried many times with various combinations of Nylon twill on the front side and PVC on the rear side until we found an ideal thickness fitting your wrist.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

One point “KUMAMON” on your chest.

When you wear the camera strap around your neck, illustration of KUMAMON will come to a position on your chest.
The black colored strap looks simple, but it comes with a cute KUMAMON which makes you smile.

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1
▲Hold the camera (photographer)

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1
▲Face (Smile)

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

Kumamon Camera Strap Ver1

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