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Demain Flavor Shoulder

34,100  (Including tax)
(exc tax 31,000 )
Price in points: 31000 points
Reward points: 310 points
Product nameDemain Flavor Shoulder
Item NumberIND-310
sizeW330 × H200 × D140mm
Main materialDemain Flavor, Glove leather, acrylic
Made in Japan
 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Light weighted, but robust. Although made of fabric, it has a sense of existence not beaten by leather. A shoulder bag having such conflicting factors is realized.

This model, IND-310, is an evolvement of IND-300 which is made based on Demain Flavor material. Type of strap connection is changed to a hook with lever so that bungee shoulder strap can be replaced with another type.
Furthermore, a Black+Red zipper pull tab is used for higher visibility, and a leather shoulder pad, which may look too heavy, is omitted, making the bag brisk and sporty.

While it is a light weighted bag using canvas sheet as in the case of conventional bags, it gives an impression of dignity of a leather bag. As you use the bag for years, aging will progress and a feeling of vintage will start to show, which is also similar to the characteristic of a leather. We aimed to make a bag which the users can use for decades without being tired. Please carry the bag as your partner on holidays.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Demain Flavor superior in frictional strength.

“Demain Flavor” which is used as a product name as well is a name of a canvas material superior in durability. Because this canvas material uses a high strength thread, it is superior in frictional strength, and it is forceful and firm. Texture feeling equivalent or better than that of a leather is a unique characteristic of Demain Flavor.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Combination with glove leather

This product is unique because of the combination of Demain Flavor and glove leather. As the name shows, glove leather is a leather used for baseball gloves. It is robust yet silky-smooth, and it is suitable as a material for bags. For this product, glove leather is used at the lower part of the front side and at the bottom.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Consideration for water-proof and dust-proof

Demain Flavor is known for its water resistance characteristic, and because of that feature, it is used for inner wall of a fire hose. By applying a paraffin, water repellency is made even higher making this material one of the most suitable choices for a bag material. Back use zipper is used for this bag. In addition to its simple appearance, it is superior in preventing dust and dirt from intruding inside.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

The pleasure of aging

Both Demain Flavor and glove leather are types of material that you can enjoy their aging. As you use the bag for many years, the surface will change to show its vintage feeling, and your affection to the bag will grow. Because the bag is expected to be used by the customer for many years, the design is made to be simple pursuing the functional beauty. Even if the bag is put in your closet because you have not used it for some time, you may want to bring it out after 10 years. That is the type of bag we wanted to design.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Free inside without partition

Because there is no partition inside the bag, you may want to put an inner case or you may want to put your camera in a Neoprene pouch and then put in the bag. As such, the bag is designed in a way for the user to have freedom how to use it.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

As the most suitable camera bag

For IND-310, cushion material is built-in on all sides of the bag, and it will function optimally as a camera bag by using IND-450 inner case or IND-410 Neoprene pouch.
The bag has a capacity to contain one Leica with a lens plus a few interchangeable lenses, or two Leica cameras with a lens. It is a convenient size for shooting snap shots in the city or while travelling. Naturally, the bag is suitable in size for a mirror-less camera as well.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

With an inner case set

IND-450 inner case, sold separately, fits nicely in the bag. This inner case will allow two cameras to be placed inside. (Note: IND-450 inner case is sold separately, and it does not come with the camera bag.)

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Glamorously evolved zipper pull tab

By making the rear side of the pull tab red, visibility and gorgeousness are added to the pull tab.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Detachable strap

Connection of the strap to the bag is changed to a “hook with a lever” type. As a result, the strap can be replaced with IND-480 bungee shoulder strap.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Lighter shoulder strap

A leather pad, which looked heavy in the previous version IND-300, is omitted this time to make the bag look brisk and sporty.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Carry-on bag for travelling

As the bag can be set to the handle of a suit case or a trolley cart, it is convenient when you have many photo gears to carry or when travelling.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Convenient pockets

If you open the zipper on the front face of the bag, you will find pockets for smart phone, long wallet or business card case. This bag alone will be sufficient to contain your camera and other small items.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Robust glove leather at the bag bottom face

A robust glove leather is used at the lower side of the front face and at the bottom of the bag.

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Demain Flavor Shoulder

Demain Flavor Shoulder

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