Refund policy

(1) You can cancel your order if it is within 12 hours from your order date and time. OrderIf you wish to cancel your cancellation, please contact your site contact window.

(2) Shipping etc. Shipping after delivery after product delivery will be accepted only if it is different from defective or ordered products. (It is only if you are contacted within 7 days from the arrival of the product.) Basically, cancellation and returned goods due to customer convenience are not accepted, so please select carefully when ordering.

(3) Regardless of the preceding paragraph, you can not accept cancellation, return, or exchange for the following products.
· Products that were opened and used products
· Products that have elapsed 7 days or more after arrival
· Products with scratches and dirt under customers
· Product without package (bag / case)
· Products processed for customers, such as order products and products
· In addition, products that can not be returned to the product introduction page (Please contact the inquiry window for details)

(4) If there is a disadvantages that are obvious in the product or if it is different, the shipping cost for returned goods etc. will be paid. If the product does not feel like a customer, the shipping cost will be borne by the customer.