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A collection box that arranged the makebox used by the makeup artist with Pen Box.

Heavy duty fiber and corners protect with 3mm thick cowhide.

If you open it, you can overlook the pen after the tray.

If you are the MontBlanc146 class, you can store 20 bottles.

The bottom has an ink, a notebook, and a accessory space.

It has a sturdy handle that can be carried anywhere.

The interior was in charge of luxury jewelry and a watch of the clock.


This Collection Box Is A PEN BOX ARRANGED from A make-up box used by make-up Artists.

IT is Made of Sturdy Fiber and The Corners ARE Protected by 3mm Thick Cowhide.

When You Open IT, Two Trays Stand Up and You Can See All Your Pens.

IT CAN Hold UP to 20 MontBlanc 146 Class Pens.

AT THE BOTTOM, THERE IS ROOM for Ink, Notebooks, and Other Small Items.


The Interior Was Made by Top-Notch Craftsmen in Tokyo Who Make Cases for Fine Jewelry and Watches.

Size. W230 H190 D180


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