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IND-GCS Grip Case Strap

IND-GCS Grip Case Strap

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Neck strap that can be used together with "Grip Case for Leicaq"
It is a neck strap that can be used and used in Industria's "IND-GCQ grip case for leicaq".
It can be easily installed with the strap bracket of the Leica body and the bracket of the grip case bottom.

※ This item is a product to be delivered by simple packaging in the cushion envelope. Please note that the cosmetic box is not attached.

Product name Grip case strap
Item Number IND-GCS
Color black
size Length 87 cm / 79 cm / thick 4 mm when installed
weight 45 g
Main material Italian bucket leather (ARIZONA) / double-kan-brass
Country of origin Japan JAPAN
Jan Black: 4589770432540
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Grip case strap

Grip case

Neck strap that can be attached to "Grip Case for Leicaq"

It is a neck strap that can be used and used in the industrial sold separately seller "IND-GCQ grip case for leicaq".

Grip case strap

Reduce the burden on the shoulder wide and shoulder

In order to reduce the burden on the shoulder, it draws a loose curve from the tip, and the neck part has become a wide specification.

Grip case strap

Color prepares black

Color is cool and easy to use black.

※ This is a leather product.
Because natural materials, color transfer due to external factors such as friction, sweat and moisture may occur.
Please be careful about it.

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