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Skull embroidery camera strap

List price: 6,270  (Including tax)
3,135  (Including tax)
(exc tax 2,850 )
Price in points: 2850 points
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Product nameSkull embroidery camera strap
Item Number IND-570G
sizefull length:117cm(Camera installation image:About 98 cm)
Tape portion (including leather):73cm
Tape width:3cm
Tip tape:22cm
Leading tape width:1.1cm
※As the tip of the strap tape is 11mm wide, please check your camera strap width before you purchase the strap.
weight 31g
Main material Face side:polyester Back side:Pig Suede other:Cowhide、ABS resin
Made in Japan
 ※Specifications are subject to change without notice.

A scull pattern with a playful spirit is embroidered on a 30mm wide Nylon material suitable as a strap for mirror-less camera. A red heart mark is placed at an eye position of the skull. A red heart on the khaki Nylon background will be an eye-catching one point on your chest.
An ivory colored swine leather is used on the rear side of the strap designed to be easy to wind around your wrist. Wear this strap with your favorite camera on your neck for many years to come.
This series is planned to be evolving based on the voices from the customers.
The version this time may be offered only for now. So, don’t miss it.

As the tip of the strap tape is 11mm wide, please check your camera strap width before you purchase the strap.

This is part of a pro strap series using the design by the illustrator who is active in various fields.
The first round plan “IND★SKULL (IND-570G”.

This is a skull design version of IND-510 (discontinued) which was developed to satisfy the requirements of pro cameramen who want pro strap which is soft and nicely fit their hand.

It has a gender -less skull design on which a red heart mark is eye-catching.

The position of the skull is designed in a way that it comes in front of your chest when you hang your camera on your neck.

Furthermore, a skull is embroidered on the strap to produce a 3D and high-quality feeling.

Front side of the strap is Polyester, and swine leather is used on the rear side for slip resistance. The strap thickness is held to be approximately 5mm. A perfect combination of the tape width and softness of the strap makes the strap easy to be wound around your wrist.

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