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IND-LOP4【New color release】
Omelet pen case 4
(For 4 pens)

19,800  (Including tax)
(exc tax 18,000 )
Price in points: 18000 points
Reward points: 180 points
Product name Omelete pen case 4
Product Number IND-LOP4
Color Dark navy, Dark brown, Black
Size When folded vertically Width 70mm Length 170mm Depth 45mm
When unfolding: Width 145 mm Length 170 mm Thick 8 mm
※Can store writing instruments up to 15cm in length.
Weight 110g
Main materials Interior Neoprene
Exterior Italian cowhide (LO STIVALE 100% tanned bucket leather)
Country of origin Japan
JAN Dark Brown: 4589770436029、Dark navy: 4589770436036、Black: 4589770436050
 ※ Specifications are subject to change without notice

The new intrepid (Black) has appeared.

For real adults who use properly their favorite writing instruments. The Italian leather pen case that satisfies the desire of ownership has appeared.
Product designer Seiichiro Hangui presents to the fountain pen fans, “Style and Function” theme pen case with the highest combination of the best Italian vaqueta and neoprene.
Due there were many requests the pen case for 4 slots has appeared.
※Please note that it cannot be used with Ebonite pens.
※Because it is natural leather, the wrinkles on the surface could have individual differences.


The pen case for the attached writing instrument by a professional who protects precision equipment.

On the outside, we adopt Italian “Vaqueta leather” that becomes beautiful as you hold it, on the inside, “Neoprene” that has elasticity and hold firmly, and by sewing, in Japan, the ultimate was born.


Like an “Omelet”, it will gently wrap your writing instruments.

Seiichiro Hangui is a product designer who has produced many camera bags and cases that continued to be supported by photographers and hair makeup artists who are active and at the forefront. This pen case is a new attempt by Hangui.

Including fountain pens, many pen cases carry writing instruments, but…
★Satisfy the desire of ownership
★Uplifting your emotions
★Protects your writing instrument very well
This project was born, from a question that Hangui had. “Why that kind of pen case doesn’t exist”.

As a result of repeatedly hearings from editors, photographers who love writing instruments and acquaintances who have sharp antennas for Mono-Products, this “Pen case like Omelet” was born.



From this point please imagine to take out the pen


It can protect well, but it allows you to “glanced a little” too.


How does it protect and why is it easy to take out?

Because we adopt an elastic and smooth material “Neoprene”.
The prototype was repeated many times, so while holding firmly an important writing instrument you will be able to take it out and put it in smoothly.


Each time you use it, it becomes more familiar. And enjoy the aging of the Italian leather texture.

The charm of the Italian leather is,
★A texture that fits in your hand.
★ Changes in appearance due to aging.
★Satisfaction with casually holding “good products”.

In this pen, there is a profound feeling and depth of leather expression.
We used the “Vaqueta leather” from LO STIVALE.


The smooth-textured that satisfies the “Yorokobi” possession.


Founded in 1955 in Santa Croce, Tuscany, Italy.It is a craftsman group that uses only “Vaqueta Leather” leather tanned only with natural wood tannins without using any chemicals.The fats that are important to the Vaqueta are made in house, also it is limited to the fish oil used and the fishing port where they are landed.The factories that have been using the same leather with the same prescription every day, every month for 60 years are very rare even in Italy.


The craftsmanship skills shines!

All manufacturing is done in Japan.This is a pen case that demonstrates the skill of a reliable craftsman In response to Hangui’s harsh view of product development, such as the sewing technique that neatly arranges the thick "neoprene" and the flaps that give a smart impression by wrapping the magnet with leather.


Dark brown

Dark navy

Recommended for gifts!

To what kind of people and then give it as a present?

★For those people who use a charming fountain pen. (Husband, mother…etc)
★A special anniversary. (Couple, best friends)
★A reward for yourself. (For writers and those who like handwriting)
★ For people who want to make a difference with their rivals. (Manager, businessman)
Delivered in an exclusive box.


Combining different materials, the “Ultimate” pen case like never before was born.

Many photographers and hair makeup artists have supported the products released by Seiichiro Hangui, such as storing makeup brushes and camera lenses that should never be damaged.Also, just being strong and being able to protect well, the charm as a product…will not make people “want it!”

Good quality, cool, photogenic design, and details
It’s Hangui's specialty! If you have it, you should be able to feel why is it good.



横170mm 縦70mm 奥行き45mm
展開時 横145mm 縦170mm 厚み8mm


Dark brown

Dark navy

Regarding the tanned bucket leather

"Vaqueta" is a vegetable tanned leather, also called vegetable tannin leather.Although it is a production method often seen in Italy, above all, the Minerva box is made with a lot of oil from the cow legs and soaked in it.Therefore, you can enjoy aging that does not easily dry or cracks and changes to a deep amber color.
Also, the appearance of wrinkles may vary depending on the part, this is due to the natural texture and is proof of the leather with a rich texture.


※Please note that it cannot be used with Ebonite pens.






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