# 02 Hyperwear hair is a summer scent

Since I was in a shortcut in second grader, my hair, which was a hairless hair, has become twisted with the character, and the rainy season struggles to treat it. It's good if the swell will be stronger, but it was an annual that the hair of the surface is rounded like a cotton dust, but it was an annual to put a straight permmering in June in June. .

Well, this year's troubled season has come this year. If you go straight to the straight, you know that the handling of hair will be much easier, but I feel like you're going to deny your own individuality and always step on the two legs each year. I reserved a hairdresser once this year, but canceled. And this also purchases hair care products exclusive for hair-like hair. Every year, we examined the products of all manufacturers, and they have tried something that I thought, but unfortunately I have not yet met an enemy that includes the southern wind and humidity 90% air. How can this have come to this hair?

If you try to go out quickly, it will be a nostalgic smell. Oh yes, when it was summer, it is the smell of grapefruits that came out half after dinner, and it's a smell when it is cut off with a spoon of a dedicated gag. I remember the contrast of white rich ends of the right arm and grapefruit with black burned black.

Next is a treatment. Hmm, this is a smell like mixing a flower of hydrangea and a flower of a rose. The garden of the house who spent childhood at the back of the mind appears. In June, Hydrangea in Hydrangea, Fujima flowers, the leaves of Yamakya, and the grandfather had a daily basis and the garden, which has been cleaned every day, bloomed beautiful flowers every season.

Enjoy a summer smell in the bathroom and finally take out the outbass treatment and try it out. I'm going to be so much. It was a scent of fantaglape. The scent that comes with the bottom of the memory is ugly.

While putting its haired hair by hand, I was still wondering if I hit a straight perm. Yes, it was not yet in the rainy season. Apparently, it seems to be able to withstand moisture at cloudy weather, but what will happen if it rain gets off? Why not rain only at such times. Under the tram of the return, I checked the hair that started wavy in the window and put a reservation for a hairdresser. After all it will be. But this year, it was not good because it is not good because it is not good, because it is not good, so it was not good, and it looked like cloudy sky.

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