# 03 Soba restaurant story

When I lived in Hacchobori, I often went to the soba restaurant of one station. Night Shin-Oha Bridge Street is changing to the daytime and slimming, and it rushes to the soba restaurant while slightly trying.

When I try to arrive at the guided seat, "Do you want to eat tea, do you like it?" And a woman general. She will receive a little, she answered and she guided me to the quiet seat of the back. I did not particular any care, but the first guided seat is full of office workers nearby, and it may have been too lively to drink alcohol.

I think it would probably be the beginning of summer. First of all, I ordered the habit of horse mackerel. Possibuts were soaked in the soup stock with pale dumplings cleanly. Sapporo's small bottle that weared them a little more time, and she finished in the place where I finished it. Nagai is useless.

Currently, since I am moving home by the sea of ​​Kanagawa, I feel a little lonely that I can not use my daily use of the noodle soba restaurant, but it is a little lonely, but it is more than Chinese noodles than soba it can not be helped. The eating thing chooses a place. Speaking of soba noodles, when I was working near Roppongi, there was a soba restaurant going to lunch well. There are many places pattern foreigners, and they also wore a glossy suit, and they make a lot of spectacles and make soba noodles. I was a standard that I ordered a warm tuna buckwheat noodle noodle soba, summer, but there was a menu that was always worried. "Boardwa sagohan". Price 880 yen (at that time).

Two and a half years have been worked at work, and decided to order the "board wraphan" before retired. It will not be only white rice in the board. When ordering, I heard a few times from the board field and returned to the earlier waitress. I told you that there is no doubt in the board wrapper, but I have a bad feeling. Should I do something that can not be returned?

After all, I was troubled while I was troubled, and I came to the black tray while I was troubled. Miso soup with board and rice, pickled it. It would be rough if the sashimi set meal is replaced with a sashimi. White rice and eating a plate is never twice, and I was a little regretted while carrying out a white salmon and rice alternately.

I also feel like I took a picture, but my hand remained remained in the middle of the light of the incandescent lamp. Board is before soba. It seems that soba noodles are straightforwardly in the soba restaurant.

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