# 05 Sub-chan sings

Omen Mina Column 6th 

I did it if my feet were far from the dentist for several years. Sometimes I did not care properly, and when I plugged the floss near her left top teeth, my teeth were missing. No, strictly, the white stuffing of the part treated before about 20 years.

In addition to being able to always be as close as possible, it is completely selfish that words will come out of the mouth as much as possible.

For the time being, after aid aid, it is asked to check and clean the teeth. This cleaning is not good. Both dislike than to be scraped. My clinic's dental manager does not feel painful because the hand is good, but the ultrasonic sound and vibration when removing that calculus is not good, and just remembering, tension runs from the neck to the waist .

Because it is a good adult, while the nails can not eat (because it can not eat teeth), the more you can withstand the fingers of the two hands, but it will not be anywhere with the sound, and in the head every time it is cleaning Singing Sub-chan is misusualized.

While singing with Heyheyho, it is still a margin. Among them, the removal work of the tartar is also enthusiastic, and if it is not possible to withdraw the phrase on the way, it will be brought to the rust for a while, but while having a scarlet, the ringtone, the mind while having you sing many times I feel like I had a slox of Sub-chan's voice. Well, after repeating a lot of repeat, when the sound of Shakuhachi is heard, they and their breath are constant. Somehow I finished cleaning safely and breathed a hero.

Again, dentists have to go regularly. If you do so, you will also be a great deal of sub-chan, or it will never sound the tone of Shakuhachi to the head forever.
A cool air flows through the gap of the teeth so that the clinic comes out. It is the wind of autumn. When the treatment was finished, it would be near winter, and I checked the surface of the teeth with a tongue while remembering the taste of new sake.

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