# 06 Journey to buy books in the city you do not know (Part 1)

Omen Mina Column 6th 

She is not very familiar to Shinjuku West.
Become a region along the so-called Chuo Line, but there is only a few stations that have been getting off. It is a little tense when transferring from Tokyo Station to the Chuo Line.

In this coroni, reading of books increased.
I liked a book since ancient times, but if it was a book, I bought it even if it was not a special day such as a birthday or Christmas, so it is greatly attributable to the place, and some books are still bought There are things that are good.

When I was going to go out with my family at a young age, my grandfather and my father are also a good idea to ride a train to a hand-held hand, and I am still a habit that I'm going to put a book in my bag now It has become.

While buying a book, I realized that something like the expected value to the book changes by "Where to buy a book".
If you buy a book in the net, you don't have to feel heavy, and it will be convenient to arrive at the next day, but this is totally boring.

I feel like I'm looking for a treasure and I'm attracted to a bookstore shelf, attracted to a title that I jumped into my eyes, and I went to a cash register while making a pink time with a pinky thing with a pink time.
Yes, the encounter with the book is the premonition of "It is likely to happen to something good from now". So it does not come by clicking on the mouse, but I want to feel myself. If you think carefully, the act of looking for a book to read in a bookstore may be similar to snaps.

Return the story.
For such reasons, when I was looking for a bookstore that my chest is a bit of a few, I was looking for a store along the Chuo Line.
However, it is not going to go out freely. Unless there is a good job to go near, I can not go from the area called Shonan I live.
Soon after that, there was too much time for half a year, and there was a chance to go to Yurakucho at a time, one day everyday returned. Yes, if you get out of Ginza, you can go to Ogikubo with Marunouchi Line? I noticed that in the Tokaido Line of the bound. So suddenly a journey to my bookstore began.

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  • 全くそうですね。NETで買う本はもうこれを買うと決まっていてそれが素早く手元に届くということに対して本屋さんで買う本はまず店に入った段階では何を買うか決まってない。色々本棚を見たりしてパッと目についたものがあれば手に取って、パラパラめくって面白そうだと思ったら買うという風に選ぶ楽しみがありますね。

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