Photographer Yamada 愼 2 and IND-400, IND-410

Photographer Yamada 愼
IND-400 (wrapping cross), 410 (Neopene Pouch)

I thought that if I had such a (IND-400 neoplane wrapping) before, I suggested a half pile. It's not convenient if you put it in the corner of the carry case and put it in the corner of the carry case.

It also wraps the full size 70-200 mm class with a margin. There are other sizes, there are good places where the surface is full of piles. It's easy because it sticks. When this year is this year (laughs) A lot of equipment, it is easier to take a lot of packing in Carey than the camera bag and pull it. I have to be careful about vibration.

If this pouch (IND-410) is a single body, a large body of 5D and a mirror with a battery clip are included. Even small lenses are included. If the thickness is only this, it is fully relieved (5 mm thickness).

Yamada 愼
Born in Niigata Prefecture Joetsu City. He graduated from Tokyo University University Design Department. He is independent after he has a teacher at Heida. In 1990 he is a finite company scene second established. He works a lot of persons who are any person who is questioning genre, such as actors, musicians, artists, athletes and company owners. Japan Advertising Photographers Association Main Members

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