Photographer Yamada 愼 and IND-120

Use photos House Yamada 愼 2 IND-120

This bag is light and light. Lightness is important. It is better for the bag to be lighter because the lens 2-3 is about 2-3 marks with lenses.

Since the strap has a neoprene shoulder pad, it also likes the shoulder and easy.


There is no partition, but it is wrapped in neoplane, and if it is put into lens pouch, this is not this. You may put a hand-held inner case.


The zipper pocket in the inside is put in a wallet or a valuable product, and an iPad enters the opposite side. Because the previous pocket is quite large, you will get any clip-on (strobe). It's a small thing. After that this red is calm and it is good to be glamorous red. I have only a red bag (laughs)


Yamada 愼
Born in Niigata Prefecture Joetsu City. He graduated from Tokyo University University Design Department. He is independent after he has a teacher at Heida. 1990 A scene-second established company. He works a lot of persons who are any person who is questioning genre, such as actors, musicians, artists, athletes and company owners.
Japan Advertising Photographers Association Main Members

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