# 01 Generation X Camera Bag

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Generation X Camera Bag

Great photo Choose a coat and a sweater to wear inside and wear your favorite denim. If you look at the shoes that will not be tired even if you walk long, you will not have a good bag when you think that you want to hold me. Even if you have a camera, add a camera bag if you have a camera bag. It is often said that "man's clothes have few variations". For example, thinking only to putting it, but all the shapes, such as Chinopan, Denim, Cargo Pants, Wool Slacks, etc. are the same. So I have no choice but to stick to detail. That's why the camera bag option is surprisingly few.

I have bought a bag of a bag. It is more than the camera. I have not been satisfied yet. No equipment, even with light, light and dressed clothes, but it's not like talking about a dream camera bag, such as. It is the same as the interchangeable lens. The zoom where you can take various things can not win the single focus if it is stuck. Even if it is fun, it is also true. A4 documents fit, large aperture zoom is vertically, and if the strap is thick, etc., it is good with a long-fashioned bag. I want a bag that I feel like I'm wearing it and I feel that I have a favorite camera and an exchange lens.

If the appearance is good, it does not mean that the function does not matter. Even in the state proposed from the shoulder, it is in close contact with the body, it is easy to disconnect the camera, and a small pocket containing a passport or an SD card, etc., and a cushioning property that protects the equipment when hitting, it is also required. It is good to be able to taste it with high quality leather and canvas, and it would be better to taste it, and it is better not to know that it is a camera bag at a time. Then take a picture and walk and take a cafe and take a break, it's an ideal if you are familiar with that space. It may be most important thing.

Camera bag is not a tool only for carrying the camera. It enters between cameras and clothes, entering the city and the camera, and it is something that connects them between shooting and everyday.

Uchio Uchida
I am from Niigata Prefecture Ratsu City (currently Sado City). She goes through the public servants.
Her snaps have a reputation for shooting her talent. She also handed out, contributing to camera magazines and newspapers. Her books include "Days of Leica and Monochrome" and "Always Camera" (both Aish Publisher). She is currently a lecturer in the photo class.
She is self-proclaimed "Last literary photographer". She is committed to the charm of the camera that is not only data or performance.

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