# 02 Professional who is not good at prosto

Professionals who are not good at prosto

When I started a guitar, I did not remember the code, but it was not to match the strap length towards the mirror. He wanted to be a guitar with the same height as a longing guitarist. If it is a rock guitarist, most people seem to have the same experience.

Camera straps have also tried various things. There is no time to start thickness, length, material, and sticking. Digital cameras do not take a beautiful year. It is a definitive difference with the film era. So the strap is good to enjoy aging. If you think so, you can not think other than leather.

The camera does not follow the water supply. In particular, the camera that is often used is suspended on the shelf with a strap. It looks like waiting for the turn and looks happy. If the brilliance of the leather is dull and felt Wanteon and felt that the touch has become soft, I feel like I climbing a step with my own camera.

There is no special care in good quality leather straps. Anyway. It is the same as the camera. How much your camera uses or straps.

Uchio Uchida
I am from Niigata Prefecture Ratsu City (currently Sado City). She goes through the public servants.
Her snaps have a reputation for shooting her talent. She also handed out, contributing to camera magazines and newspapers. Her books include "Days of Leica and Monochrome" and "Always Camera" (both Aish Publisher). She is currently a lecturer in she is a photo classroom.
She is self-proclaimed "Last literary photographer". She is committed to the charm of the camera that is not only data or performance.

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