# 03 Camera bag chooses in the evening

Camera bag is selected in the evening

It is a glance that leather shoes should go to buy in the evening. Because the feet grow up and grow up, I feel painful after fingering in the morning.
But if you enter a store like Weston and choose a looper, you often chose one lower size than you think. If you say that your feet will not hurt, it says that you can get the best fit if you put up for a while. I do not want to fail because it is high, but I only believe in the tradition.
First of all, it will be depressed to wear shoes. Even if it was a high shopping, I put up with it. They are beautiful and leafers are the best. Even if the pain disappears, "Does the leather shoes are like this to fit the foot?" A surprising feeling is obtained.

When I'm going to buy a camera bag for the first time, I was told that I was attached to my seniors, "I hope you should choose one bigger than the size that you think is good." "It will increase after you need. Strobe or exchange lenses and cases"
The advice was correct. It becomes difficult to remove the equipment into a small bag to plug the equipment. It is better to have a large size with a margin. Shoes are the same as choosing in the evening.
But now, if you would like to advise people who go to buy a camera bag, say, "If the picture wants to be good, you should choose one smaller than the size that you think is just right".

There are two things that you have a small bag. The first time is troublesome, so it's always going to lower the camera from the neck, and you will not miss the chance. Another thing is that you devise how to take it with a small equipment, so it is possible to create something like momentum without relying on the interchangeable lens etc. easily. Of course, because the bag is small, the foot work will be better. I can not tire to walk from light.
When I first used the bag of this photo, I thought it would be too small. But I feel the best fit. I was familiar with washing and became familiar, so contrast was born in leather and canvas. I feel like I saw a bag that is beautifully reflected with the same lighting as a camera. I think it is because I chose a good material.

Uchio Uchida
I am from Niigata Prefecture Ratsu City (currently Sado City). She goes through the public servants.
Her snaps have a reputation for shooting her talent. She also handed out, contributing to camera magazines and newspapers. Her books include "Days of Leica and Monochrome" and "Always Camera" (both Aish Publisher). Currently, I will also be a lecturer in the photo classroom.
He is self-proclaimed "Last literary photographer". She is committed to the charm of the camera that is not only data or performance.

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