# 04 Beautifully growing camera bag

Beautifully growing camera bag

What kind of aircraft can be used to go anywhere, how are you wearing only one camera bag? It is difficult to imagine.
The fashionable musician said, first of all, Paul Weller, who is named, said that "I don't get lost, I don't have something I like."
I think that the camera bag should be so. But in fact, it will be used properly by the amount of equipment and the place towards shooting.

Nevertheless, there is something that is true as a bag for favorite. It's just a lot of body and two lenses, and it is definitely fit if you usually wear it, and it is more important than anything else.
It is not that it is not to buy a new item if it is broken, but it is important to be able to repair, but it is said that it is politely finished using a good material. It is often said that "taste comes out", but if you say that it is not afraid of misunderstanding, it can be said that "I bought the day I bought a bag". Which part can be rubbed or handed out, and how to put the equipment. As a result, the camera bag will grow up with only that person.

Speaking of durability Balistic nylon is amazing, but unfortunately no taste. It looks like a new one after a year.
If you call it your favorite, the leather and cotton are the strongest. Leather is heavy, cotton is weak in water, but of course it is cared. The part that uses leather is examined and processed by processing the cotton and does not impedently and strengthens the texture.
The color of rubbed parts called "Atari" characteristic "Atari" and the contrast with the leather used are beautiful. If you look at the figure that has a camera bag that grew up like that, I will surely take a good picture. You should take a gentle photo even if you have no technical goodness. The feeling of using good things is particularly passing to the snap photo managers.

If you look at the industrial bag and want to feel the height of the quality, I want you to see the part of the corner that sewed the leather. It is difficult to sew if you use thick leather, of course, can not make a corner. Look at the bag that is expanding. Even though the edge of the corner is standing, the leather feel is homogeneous, and the shape can not be broken even if it puts a heavy thing.
As it is said that it will be replaced as a few years, if it is said that it will be replaced, you should be addicted to your bag.
The digital camera is a tool if it is extremely. If the setting is handed over, new ones are the best. But the camera bag is growing.

Uchio Uchida
I am from Niigata Prefecture Ratsu City (currently Sado City). She goes through the public servants.
Her snaps have a reputation for shooting her talent. She also handed out, contributing to camera magazines and newspapers. Her books include "Days of Leica and Monochrome" and "Always Camera" (both Aish Publisher). She is currently a lecturer in the photo class.
She is self-proclaimed "Last literary photographer". She is committed to the charm of the camera that is not only data or performance.

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