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Cordura backpack

Cordura backpack

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Product name Cordura backpack
Item Number Ind-cbp
Color black
size Approximately W260 x H400 x D140mm
weight Approximately 380g
Mainstay Cordura Air
Country of origin Japan JAPAN

Backpack using Cordura Air (ultra -lightweight 380g)

It is a backpack for those who have a lot of luggage and have trouble with the weight of the backpack.

I used Invitex's strong cordura nylon Air (hollow thread).

A backpack using a regular corduranylon (700 to 800g compared to our company) is half weight, and there is a difference in how to use it daily.

Use YKK Aqua Guard (water stop zipper) for the main unit

The S -shaped strap is used in a chest strap that is useful when it is heavy.
There is a 13inch computer on the inside back, a small pocket pocket, and the lower row can be organized with a long wallet pocket.
Use a water stop zipper for the body to protect the PC.
There is a pocket on the outside where you want to take out your smartphone, wallet, etc. immediately.
Since the bottom is flat, a large lunch box is also included and the lunch box will not be diagonal.
The camera inner has a neat and stable sense of stability.
The bottom is made of a tarphaloric material, making it easier to scratch and easy to wipe off dirt.


Simple design for business and casual

Anyway, sturdy and light!
Simple design that can be used in any style.
There is a pocket on the side that can store a plastic bottle.
Light, tough cordura nylon, the bottom is flat and hard to fall, and it is easy to put a big lunch.
It is a competent backpack that can be super recommended.

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