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Peach Skin Strap 38mm "IND-WR38"

Peach Skin Strap 38mm "IND-WR38"

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Camera, binocular strap that adopts material official adopted for Italian Army Wear.

I was adopted with peach skin friendly touch, but in fact it is very exceptional.

60% polyester, 40% nylon Special water repellent functionalized fiber (peach skin touch).

Water repellent, moisture permeability, cold region strap with windproof.

It should be adopted for the military coat.

Since moisture does not induce, it does not freeze in the extremely crowd (special)

Furthermore, it is used to prevent the penetration of stitch holes (needle holes) using rare water repellent threads.

It can be used comfortably with 35 g lightweight.

It supports the use in severe weather while having the best usability.

Total length 143 cm(38 mm part 57 cm)

35g weightFor90 kg versus weight


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