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Utility tote

Utility tote

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The utility tote born from the purchaser gift of the "Forest and Sea Inner Cases" by Taichi Ozawa's "Forest and Sea Inner Cases".

It has been commercialized because of the good response.

A feeling of size where the "forest and sea inner case" is neat.

A camera bag can be put on the inner case on the inner case, so this is fine.


There is no problem with the storage capacity with the large pocket (× 2) on the front and the hanging pocket inside.

The material is Okayama, the highest peak of Japanese canvas, "Kurashiki distribution".

I made it on a durable and taste canvas.


Edo craftsmen were in charge of sewing for eternity.

A feeling of size regardless of gender. The convenience of the handle and shoulder.

Exquisite combination color.

Please use snapshots, commuting, commuting, and shopping at supermarkets.


Mij ​​says "Made in JapanThe initial.

* Please clean it in the washing machine.


W410 x H360 x D110

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