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IND-330X X-PAC Shoulder S

IND-330X X-PAC Shoulder S

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Lightweight Waterproof Camera Bag "IND-330X"
Popular shoulder bag series "IND-320" type was produced with Sail Cross (Yacht Sail) X-PAC, which combines intensity, lightness and waterproofness.

What is "X-PAC"?
Company-Dimension-Polyant, developed by Dimension-Polyant, composed of three-layer structures that combines three-layer structures that have three types of materials: Excellent special material.
High waterproof performance and high strength, and high durability that has high durability that can be resisted well with long-term use, harsh applications such as backpacks and large amounts of luggage etc. and moving outdoors It is widely used.

Light and waterproof, let's carry the camera with ease of rainy days.

Product name X-PAC Shoulder S
Item Number IND-330X
Color black
size W270 × H170 × D100mm
Previous pocket: W270 × H130 × D35mm
weight 420 g
Main material X-PAC (manufactured by Dimension-Polyant) Tarpoline
Fastener: YKK Aqua Guard
Country of origin Japan JAPAN
Jan Black: 4589770431505
 ※ You may change the specification without notice.

X-PAC Shoulder S

-Voice of Procarcumerman-
Nishio Australian

The size and shape of IND-320 and the form are almost the same.
A short strap has been changed to a bag sewn, with a short strap that can not remove the shoulder strap.

It is amazingly lightweight than IND-320, and puts on the shoulder and almost does not feel the weight of the camera bag, but the lightweight camera back is common, a shaped collapse or bottom does not deform the weight of the equipment. .
One mirrorless camera and 2 small lenses can be stored.
(Sony's 24-105mm F4 can be stored in the state of standing.)

Even in raining rain, waterproof zipper and water repellent fabric protect the equipment.
I used it on a rainy day, but I did not flood in it.

I would like to recommend it to those who want to make the equipment lightweight and make it compact and want to seek your flority.

Mr. Nishio

Nishio Australian
From Nara Prefecture Tenri City.
He studied from a part-time job life, from a part-time job life, from a part-time job life.
Independent in 2004, established 2405 Co., Ltd. He shoots a person in advertising etc.
Recently, in a single picture, it is attracted to a profile picture that represents a person, and puts focus on shooting profile photography, such as a listed company owner, an announcer.
The shooting know-how at his work is reported in the Sony Pro Camer Man Seminar, a photo session, and a photo related magazine, which will be held at Yodobashi Camera.
Japan Advertising Photographers Association Member

X-PAC Shoulder S

Excellent waterproof performance

Of course the waterproof performance of fabrics using X-PAC, fasteners use YKK water fastener "Aqua guard" recognized worldwide. High water resistance and prevents flooding from the zipper part.

X-PAC Shoulder S

X-PAC Shoulder S

Durability that can withstand long-term use

Use X-PAC widely used for severe applications that packages heavy and large amounts of luggage and move outdoors.

X-PAC Shoulder S

Lightweight body

The weight is 420 g. It is reduced by 150 g compared to the same duman flavor (IND-320).

X-PAC Shoulder S

X-PAC Shoulder S

X-PAC Shoulder S

Large capacity

Mirrorless Camera lens with one body and 2 interchangeable lenses, and other accessories.
Camera and lenses can be stored comfortably because two partitions are installed directly inside the bag.

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