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IND-550 silk bracket cameras trap

IND-550 silk bracket cameras trap

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※ "Black" "Blue" "Green" "Yellow" has been sold out. Please note that there is no plan for restocking.
The IND-550 is a camera strap made with a silk braid.
Based on the silk band of a long-established braid specialty store with a history of over 100 years of founding, a craftsman with the best technology was carefully finished using the technology called "Case".

Silk's braid is elastic and flexibly responds to the movement of the arm when the strap is wound.
Sewing has a raw seam that is hard to welcome. We devised to prevent the step of the silk braid and the double ring stop leather part.
Also, the double ring uses brass.

Neck strap with a total length of 95 cm. The color offers black, wine red, green, blue, yellow and pink six colors.

Product name Silk bracket camera strap
Item Number IND-550
Color Black, Wine Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink
size Length 950 mm (neck strap)
weight 30 g
Main material Silk (double ring: brass)
Country of origin Japan
Jan Black: 4589770430256, Wine Red: 4589770430263, Blue: 4589770430270, Green: 4589770430287, Yellow: 4589770430294, Pink: 4589770430300
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Silk bracket camera strap

Flexible silk composition that is wound around

Silk's braid is stretchy and flexibly supports the movement of the arm when the strap is wound around.
Even if it tightly wound on the wrist at the time of shooting, elasticity is characterized by the silk braid, such as a faintly stretched down to human breathing.

Silk bracket camera strap

Leather parts in the same thickness in

Using techniques that hand-sewn in a cylindrical batten in a cylindrical manner, using a technique to connect silk straps and double rings were the same thickness, and they were not disturbed during shooting. This process has been realized by craftsmen with the best technology.
Also, the double ring uses brass.

Silk bracket camera strap

Sewing is hard to furnish Raw

Sewing adopts "Raw sewing" that is hard to welcome. Founded A long-established brand specialty store craftsman with a history of more than 100 years was finished.

Silk bracket camera strap

Attach to a lightweight camera

Mainly it can be used for lightweight cameras such as film licks and mirrorless.

Silk composition Strap birth discourse

About 20 years ago, it started from a word, a writer and a famous collector Okada Koichiro (now Camera & Wachi Bar Okadaya owner), "making a strap of a strap Leica".
I started searching for a material soon. When I went to Kyoto on a business trip, if I communicated with a sorted bracker, I said, "I came to find a string attached to the camera for a long time ago."
"Do you know your name?" "Don't you say" "Don't you?" As I used to see the photos taken with M3 with a string with a string, I felt a light feeling.
"Yo Togumo Han Thank you!" I entered the same breathy shop as the master Mastenomi Kamoden.
"Tomoda Han liked this silk band strap and used" silk band stretch and contracts with human breathing. Even if you put it on your wrist at the time of shooting, you will be scared or not hurt if you put your strength?
Launched straps with any rope have been released recently, but I think that the material that makes this silk braiding can not be seen easily. (Seiicho Seiichoro Seiichoro)

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