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IND-AOP4 Omlet Pen Case 4 (for 4)

IND-AOP4 Omlet Pen Case 4 (for 4)

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New products using Illa Pellla adsura's leather in Industria's standard "Omret Pen Case 4" appeared.

La Pelller Audzula is a large number of oils' oil, Amazonia, and is the ultimate pen case that combines neoplane inside.
The pull-up leather is characterized in that the oil contained in the fiber moves in the fibers when bending or pulling leather.
A vivid and lightly product is different from the "Miro" with a solid feeling.
※ Please note that we can not use it for ebonite pen.
※ There is individual difference in the surface of the surface of the surface of natural cowhide.

Product name Omlet Pen Case 4
Item Number IND-AOP4
Color Black, Dark Brown, Red, Blue, Wine, Camel
size Folding time 170 mm × vertical 70 mm × thickness 40 mm
During expansion 145mm × vertical 170mm × thickness 8mm
※ We can store writing instruments up to 150 mm in length.
weight 110 g
Main material Interior Neoprene
Exterior Italian Cowhide (La Perra Azura Amazonia)
Country of origin Japan
Jan Black: 4589770436135, Dark Brown: 4589770436128, Blue: 4589770436111, Red: 4589770436104, Wine: 4589770436142, Camel: 4589770436159
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

※ This video is 6 pen cases (IND-LOP 6).

Omlet Pen Case 4

Pencase for a professional wearing tool to protect precision equipment

On the outside, the Italian pull-up leather "Amazonia" containing a large amount of oil is adopted in the inside, and the ultimate pen case is adopted and sewing in Japan by sewing domestically. Was born.

Omlet Pen Case 4

Like "Omret", softly wrap your writing tool.

There are many pen cases carrying writing instruments, including a number of new penbencements,
★ Meet the own greed
★ Please make me feel good
★ I will protect
Such pen cases were produced by this pen case from the question of the Product Designer Half Koichiro itself, "What's wrong?"

As a result of repeating hearings for acquaintances with sharp antennas with writing instructors, photographers, mono = products, this "Omlet-like pen case" was born.

Omlet Pen Case 4

Protect one full of one

A new neproin holds a fountain fencing brush.
The delicate glass pen that gave up the mobile phone is always together.
Cutter and scissors are also safe.
Because it is a material that expands and contracts, the usability is free.

Omlet Pen Case 4

Why are you carefully protecting & easy to take out?

It has elasticity and has a smooth material "Neoprene"!
While holding one of the important writing instruments, it was taken out with "Sub", and the trial production was repeated again and again.

Omlet Pen Case 4

Every time you use it, it will be a quick hand. Texture of Italian leather that aging is also fun

The attraction of Italian leather is a texture that makes it a hand. Changes in appearance by aging. Satisfaction of having a good thing '' good thing ''.
This pen case used a pull-up leather "Amazonia" that contained a lot of oil of La Pellla adsura.
It is characterized in that the oil contained in the fiber moves in the fibers when bending or pulling leather.
Aging (aging) also enjoys, and the shiny increases, and you will be your own leather.

Omlet Pen Case 4

Meet the Yorokobi owned
Smooth skin

Omlet Pen Case 4

Craftsman Worza Glows! Made in Japan (manufactured by Japan)

All manufacturing are done in Japan. By wrapping a magnet with leather, a solid pile, such as a sewing technique, such as a sewing technique that gives a smart impression, and a sewing technique, such as a sewing technique, which is a severe eye of the product development so far, demonstrates a solid craftsman technology. It is a pen case.

Recommended for gifts!

What kind of human, what time do you give?

★ To that human who uses a wonderful fountain pen. (My husband, mother ... etc)
★ On the first day of the anniversary. (Couple, couple, best friend)
★ Reward to myself. (Lighter, those who like handwriting)
★ In the human who wants to make a rival. (Manager, business man)

It will be delivered with a dedicated box, so it is also ideal for gifts.

Omlet Pen Case 4

By combining different materials, the "ultimate" pen case has not been born so far!

A delicate makeup brush, a camera lens that is not a damage that does not hurt, the product released so far has been supported by many photographer and hair making cap artists. In addition, it is rugged and firm and firmly protected, it is attraction as a thing ...... I do not want to make a desire "I want!"

Quality and cool, photo jenick design and detail are
Semi-pile skills skills! If you get it, you should be able to feel that good.

Product size and color

Black, Dark Brown, Blue, Red, Wine, Camel
Folding: Horizontal 170mm × Vertical 70mm × depth 45mm
During expansion: horizontal 145mm × vertical 170mm × thickness 8mm
※ You can store writing instruments up to 15 cm in length.

Precautions for use

※ It can not be used for ebonite pens. please note.
※ It will be natural leather, so there are individual differences in the expression. It will be a product built using the original texture of the leather, so there may be bloody and other cases. There is also a difference in the appearance of the surface of the surface.

About pull-up leather

Oil Leather is a leather that has made oils and leather that has a moist touch and elegant gloss, and aging (aging).
It is "pull-up leather" that more oil is included rather than this oil leather.
When leaving leather, the oil contained in the leather moves in the fiber and the color of the surface changes is said to be the origin of the name.
It is a good leather that is beautiful enough to use, creating gloss and used for a long time.

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