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IND-CLS Case Lippe

IND-CLS Case Lippe

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This is a utility purse with domestic leather. It can also be used for storing cameras, smartphones, mobile batteries, and icos.
It is also recommended that the combination of Industria's GR series accessories.
The color prepared two colors of cool and easy-to-use black and warm camel.

Product name Case Lippe
Item Number IND-CLS
Color Black, Camel
size W140 × H 120 × D40mm
weight 45 g
Main material National Cowhide Natural Schlink (Himeji)
Country of origin Japan
Jan Black: 4589770435084, Camel: 4589770435091
 ※ There is a case to change the specifications without notice.

Various success in various applications

The size of GR enters stuffed. Besides, you can also use smartphones, mobile batteries, hairdressers, etc., and grip cameras cover.

Color prepares two colors

Color is cool black, two colors of warm camel.

GR finger straps and GR extension straps are also recommended

Since GR is the size that taps, GR finger straps, GR extension straps are also recommended as a cover of GR. You can take care of yourself while protecting your important cameras when using your shoulder or neck.

※ This is a leather product.
Because natural materials, color transfer due to external factors such as friction, sweat and moisture may occur.
Please be careful about it.

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