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IND-DS Camera Grip Case

IND-DS Camera Grip Case

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It is a kinchak case that stores the camera with grip.
The camera storage unit protects the compressed urethane and the middle side with micro frees.
The nylon portion is tough and water repellent "Codula 305P".
It is convenient when you grip Gopro, Sony Z-V1, RX100, Panasonic G100, etc.

Product name Camera grip case
Item Number IND-DS
Color Blue, orange, black
size W310MM × H190mm × D10mm
weight 56 g
Main material Compressed uretlets ricot, Cordula 305P
Country of origin Japan JAPAN
Jan Blue: 4589770435077, Orange: 4589770435060, Black: 4589770435053
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Color and pattern of code (string) differ depending on the lot. Please note.
※ Currently, we deliver camouflage patterns from the color ended with blue / white pattern stock.

Black: Blue / White Blue, Orange: Camouflage (Please change with the timing of purchase. Please note)

Camera grip case

Color is available for three types

Color is available in blue, orange and black.

Camera grip case

Camera grip case

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