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IND-LHT5 leather draw hand (set of 5 sheets)

IND-LHT5 leather draw hand (set of 5 sheets)

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※ "Black / Orange" "Black / Brown" has been sold out. Please note that there is no plan for restocking.
IND-LHT5 is a replacement leather drawn to be attached to a bag fastener.
The bag genuine leather zippiper (leather draw) used in "IND-310 duman flavor shoulder" has now responded to the needs of many customers and can be purchased alone.

You can attach it to your favorite bag fastener.
Tables prepare all seven colors with chic black and ivory, the back side with a bright red or emerald combination, and produces visibility and gorgeousness.
A set of five sets that are added to the bag body and pocket.
※ Please check the slider shape of your bag when ordering.

Product name Leather draw (set of 5 pieces)
Item Number IND-LHT5
Color Black / Red, Black / Orange, Black / Brown, Black / Gray, Black / Emerald, Ivory / Pink, Ivory / Saxophone
size Total length 100 mm wide 10 mm thickness 1.8 mm
weight 2 g
Main material Genuine Leather
Country of origin Japan
Jan 4589770431109 (Black / Red), 4589770431116 (black / orange), 4589770431123 (black / brown), 4589770431130 (black / gray), 4589770431147 (black / emerald), 4589770431154 (Ivory / pink), 4589770431161 (Ivory / sax)
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Leather draw (set of 5 pieces)

Genuine leather leather draw

It is a leather trap (zipperpell) of genuine leather attached to the bag.
The table is chic black and the back of red, orange brown gray emerald, and the table is ivory and the back side is two colors of pink saxophone, a total of 7 colors, and the visibility is enhanced Coloring bags colorfully.

Leather draw (set of 5 pieces)

5 pieces set

It will be attached to the bag body and pocket, and will be delivered in a set of five sets.

Color is 7 colors

Color is added to the traditional "Black / Red", "Black / Orange", new color "Black / Brown, Black / Gray, Black / Emerald, Ivory / Pink, Ivory / Sachs". All 7 colors are available.

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