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IND-MTK2 Bastone Pen Case

IND-MTK2 Bastone Pen Case

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It is a one-handed pen case using Italian cowhide.
Using a pull-up leather "Amazonia", including La Pellla Adsoula's oil, the only Japanese craftsman, Mitoyuki Sanmachi, who is enrolled in a French luxury watch band maker finished with a general sewing.
Corresponds to the full-year brush of "MontBlanc (Montblanc) 146" and "Pelikan (Pelican) M800", "MontBlanc (Montblanc) 146", "MontBlanc (Montblanc) 146" and "Pelikan (Pelican) M800".
※ There are individual differences in the appearance of the surface of the surface and the thickness of the leather in the surface of the surface of the surface.

Product name Bustone pen case
Item Number Ind-mtk2
Color Black, Dark Brown, Red, Blue, Wine, Camel
size W27mm × H 155mm × D20mm Leather Thigh 3mm
weight 29 g
Main material Italian Cowhide (La Perra Azura Amazonia)
Country of origin Japan
Jan Black: 4589770436760, Dark Brown: 4589770436753,
Red: 4589770436739, Blue: 4589770436746,
Wine: 4589770436777, Camel: 4589770436784
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Bustone pen case

The finest genuine leather pen case for "one favorite"

A single insert pen case for "one favorite" using a "Pull-up leather (Amazonia)" that includes many oils of La Pellla adsura.

I finished with a trader's general sewing

The only Japanese craftsman and Sanmachi, who are enrolled in the French luxury watch band maker, finished with a total of good sewing.
It is a pen case with certain artisan technologies.

Bustone pen case

Supports 20 mM diameter fountain brushes

Clip included, about 20 mm in diameter, "MontBlanc (Montblanc) 146" and "Pelikan (Pelican) M800" will be supported.

Bustone pen case

Italian leather where you can enjoy aging more beautifully

La Pelller Audzula's "pull-up leather" is made with plenty of oil and made it carefully. It is characterized in that the oil contained in the fiber moves in the fibers when bending or pulling leather.
Aging (aging) also enjoys, and the shiny increases, and you will be your own leather.

Bustone pen case

We protect the important concern firmly

Use a 3 mm thick leather to close the pen case and close the lid and protect the important pencase.

Bustone pen case

Vivid "pull-up leather"

This product used a pull-up leather "Amazonia" that contained a lot of oil of La PelllerAdsula.
It is characterized in that the oil contained in the fiber moves in the fibers when bending or pulling leather.
A vivid and lightly product is different from the "Miro" with a solid feeling.

Bustone pen case

Ideal for gifts with boxes

It is also suitable for gifts as it delivers cosmetic box.
For that person who uses the anniversary and wonderful anniversary.

▼ from the bastone pen case

Bastone (Bastone) means a stick in Italian. It was made by imaging a single stick.

▼ Camille Forni Buddha

Since its inception in 1945, with a skilled craftsman skill, many famous watch brands provide high quality belts with high quality belts.

About pull-up leather

Oil Leather is a leather that has made oils and leather that has a moist touch and elegant gloss, and aging (aging). It is "pull-up leather" that more oil is included rather than this oil leather. When leaving leather, the oil contained in the leather moves in the fiber and the color of the surface changes is said to be the origin of the name. It is a good leather that is beautiful enough to use, creating gloss and used for a long time.

※ This is a leather product.
Because natural materials, color transfer due to external factors such as friction, sweat and moisture may occur.
Please be careful about it.

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