# 01 Dream Answer

Adults will hear "future dreams" for children.
I thought that it would be like the future, but I thought I was young, but the words returned to an adult asking an unrequited question were not attached, and I was jealous and silently. It must have been an unwanted kid that could not answer easy questions from them. I knew that I would like to laugh at a lonelily laughing, but I was not a kind kid that would be a kind child.

Currently I am called a photographer, but I just wanted to be a photographer, and as a result, I have to become a main business. No, I should have made a notice of opening a notice.
For me who is not good at continuing to continue for a long time, I think that the profession of the photographer will always meet new subjects.
What is the picture is how you caught the world. People are only about seeing what you want to see. In that sense, announcing photos is synonymous to expose yourself and is very embarrassing.

I am basically directed to the camera and think that the picture is something that is such a nature.

In 2018, I announced a photo collection of the eyes of the house and the head of the nose of the nose and the head of the nose of the nose. I want to leave the days at irreplaceable beaches, and I was taking pictures of them.
If you spend it at the beach, you may not want to talk if you don't have a name or something, or may not talk. A place called a beach where you can feel released from social names and feel connected to someone physically. By making a few years of a few years of the beach, I think I know what to do for myself and continue to face it from now on.

What are you interested and moving your mind?
Always have been asked to have a pleasure to it, expect to meet the subject, and let's have a heartfelt encounter. I think it is a photographer, and I think it's now my dream of wanting to continue.

大 美 "Beach" (Ogen Mina's website)
Mina Ohgu "Beach" (website in red house)
大 美 "Beach" (Amazon)

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