User Guide

About delivery

Time of delivery

We will ship within 3 business days from your order date (for bank transfer check).
(Saturday, Sunday, holiday is a holiday)
※ If you ordered with a credit card, it will be shipped within 3 business days after ordering.
※ If you ordered by bank transfer, it will be shipped within 3 business days after checking your payment.

About delivery / shipping

home delivery

Shipping costs are uniform 660 yen nationwide (tax included).

Mail service

Shipping fee is uniform 253 yen nationwide (tax included).
There is a product that can not be selected by the size.
※ It is a delivery method to be posted in the mailboat of the destination.
※ Even if it is a product to be mailed, or more than a specified quantity, we will change to normal delivery.
※ It takes more time than normal delivery. We will deliver for about a week for the number of days to deliver, but depending on the delivery place, it may take more than 2 weeks.
※ Please note that there is no compensation even if there is a delivery accident after shipping our shop.

About free shipping

It will be free shipping by purchasing more than 11,000 yen (tax included).

Regarding delivery

The shipping date of the product will be shipped within 3 business days after confirming payment.
(Saturdays, Sundays and Sundays, New Year, GW is a holiday.)

About remote island

If the delivery destination is a remote island and mountainous areas, a plus rate will be charged for normal delivery charges.
In such cases, we will contact you separately from our side.
Also, because it can not be specified and time specified on the day, please understand.

About payment method

Bank transfer (prepayment)

It will be shipped after checking your payment.
The transfer destination is as follows.

■ Transfer destination

[Bank name] PayPay Bank (Bank Code 0033)
[Branch name] Business sales department branch (store number number 005)
[Deposit subject] ordinary deposit
[Account number] 1720270
【Account Number】 Ka) Hang I Project

※ Please deposit to the transfer destination described in your order confirmation email.
※Fee will be borne by the customer.
※ In the case of bank transfer, if you can not transfer two weeks after your order, we will treat it as cancellation, so please accept somehow.

credit card

Credit cards below are available.

Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB

Other payment methods

You can use the following settlement method.

Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay

About returned goods

Return deadline

It will be within 7 days after the product arrives.

Return shipping

For returned goods due to customer convenience (image difference, order mistake, etc.), we ask our customers' shipping fee (shipping fee at the time of product shipping, shipping at the time of return).
If it falls under defective product, we will bear it.


Please contact me from "Contact" for the initial failure of the product.
Returns exchange by customer's convenience are not accepted in principle.


Correspondence at the time of absence

If you can not deliver your luggage due to your absence, you will receive an absence vote from the deliverer.
Please be sure to receive by the storage deadline (about one week) of your luggage.

If you can not receive shipping products

If the package will be returned due to the long-term absence or storage deadline, and the receiving refusal, etc. will be canceled after the product shipment, the return shipping fee may be charged separately.
If the product is unnecessary due to any circumstance, please contact us if you want to receive mail or phone after shipping once or once shipped.

About reserved products

Product reservation

The reserved product will be shipped on the scheduled shipping date that you are listed.
Please note that the scheduled shipping date may be back and forth.
Purchased with other products (purchased with the same cart), but please note that it will be shipped with the reserved product.
If you purchase separately from other products (purchase each with another cart), please note that it will be shipped by a cart.
Please note that the reserved product can not be specified for delivery date and time.

About product bundling


Products purchased with the same cart are shipped together. If you purchased a separate cart, please note that it will be shipped by a cart.

About e-mail magazine

Way of subscription

When ordering the order procedure, check the "Receive the latest information on news and offers" under the Email Address Files, and then check the Subscription registration. Alternatively, if you want to receive the e-mail address you want to receive in the "Newsletter" column, and click up to "Sign up", subscribe registration is complete.

Release method

The bottom of the e-mail magazine delivered by our shop SubscribeIf you click the link "", it will be delivered. If there is a problem such as a problem that mail will arrive despite the cancellation, we will respond promptly if you contact us from inquiries.