# 04 piercing hole

Omen Mina Column 4th 

It is a very recent thing that opened the piercing.
Although she had a longing since the teenager, there is also an opportunity to wear a kimono, and I am not good enough to wear a pusty when I was not wearing a piercing, and I'm not good at it, and I'll get a hole in my ears It was avoided to open. She recently she was calm, why she was calm, why she was calm, but she was disgusting to think of pain.

Her trout was attached to her jewelry designer's friend, but she caused her husband to be treated with her husband at the same time. .

After her surgery, I was troubled that I was troubled with one of the small holes in the pocopoko with Pocopoko and open holes in her husband's belly, and she was she moved to the local clinic next month rice field. She just passes the needle with pachine, the sound. There is nothing to do compared to her husband's abdominal pain.

From her husband who doesn't know her wife's feelings, "Why is it now for a more piercing" (I was also asked for a doctor who opened a hole).

It is embarrassing to this age, but I am not good at makeup. It will be a big way to say, but makeup is not a calm and calm down to make something like a wall between yourself and the world.

However, I am not good at making makeup I can not escape from my skin troubles that are becoming more and more serious as they go. After all, it is a reason why I opened the body that has been injured for decades at this time, defeating the eyes of the person from the face that is appropriate and has a feeling of being worthwhile. It is.

It is a piercing hole that has made a lot of excuses by this, but since there is a face that was there from the original after several years, it often has a hole of the left ear. Each time it is equipped with a gauge type piercing, it seems that my cells are still unfamiliar because they have been opened in the first place, so my cells are still unfamiliar and trying to cross holes.

Was the scenery that looks before and after having an artificial cavity to earlose?

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