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Use Photographer Nambun Hirohiko IND-300


In search of a style

American professional camera bag who was admired by the time of photographer. That unique foreign body feeling, design that has never seen, hard material, great high price. Such a moment I had a hurdle that is going to approach, which implaimed the existence of the world I do not know, and it was a longing target. Yes, it's likely to go out of the head of the single-lens reflex, and there is an approaching difficulty in the compact camera, and I felt the wilderness of a picture that challenged there. Now, such non-American backs have canceled their own and cheap Chinese and cheap Chinese, and they lost at all at that time. Yes, what loses is a style.

IND-300 What I felt when I first saw this camera bag was similar to that "foreign object" I felt when I was young. Size is small and its presence is strong. A combination of sturdy and lazer that looks like a strong and strong dough. And a mysterious design with steps before and after suppressing height. When I saw it, I do not feel the functionality at all, ... but that, but what is the feeling of being attracted. .


Duman Flavor × Glow Blazer × Half Koichiro

I was young when I was young, and I got a bag I got a bag used for a bulletproof vest.
The lather is a material that is a material that is a material that is excellent in friction intensity used inside the fire hose, and its combination constitutes this bag. And the designer Half Koichiro who chosen the material is served by Made in Japan!
I felt that they were created and created. When I got this sense, I decided to put on the forefront without getting lost.


Equipment required by the forefront, it is to make the existence for forgetting

If a good speaker plays a sound, its existence disappears, and purely feels only the sound image. The camera is also true, good cameras will be immersed in shooting. My tool selection is also done in this way, and the Gore Tex outerwear and shoes are also serious, and when you go to the subject, it will be erased and integrated to be part of yourself. And when shooting is over without any means, "This tool is great."


Despite taking a very cold ice world, IND-300 first gave me a good result in that respect. Paraffinized high-strength campus fabric revolves ice and rock attacks, sweeping water, and it is not possible to follow any posture, and it is easy to push your hand because he is suppressed .

On the other hand, when I wear it, I am also important to choose a favorite thing such as a design and brand, and if I don't like it, I get lost.
I think it is a "style" that I feel that it is a thing that meets two of the "preferences" and "function" simultaneously. This is not something that can be made numeric as it is based on its own experience and sense, but it is intended to have confidence in choosing tools, and it will be able to evaluate all based on practice. If you take 300 cities in shooting, it will be placed in various situations, while the role played by the tool is also various, but the aesthetics of the tool chosen to be polished while trying various things is now It may be a weapon.
IND-300 thinks that even on the frozen lake and walking around the lake with the outdoors, I think that it was coolly cool. Well this is no good, none. This is good! I had such feeling.


IND-300 is a simple camera bag, and is unusual as something born in the era of this gadget. I don't think it's not used for commuting, but I put a camera and walk, take out and shoot. It will make a very high quality time.
I feel good and feel well (Cuckoii) firmly protect the camera (durable), so it's easy to put out (functional) because there is no extra thing (functional)
I like the appearance of the expression with the touch comfort and aging.

Moreover, the inner case was also released after later. This is a bit of the needs in this era (laughs) There is also a place where the smartphone fits is also possible, and the person who gets rid of the contents of the bag will work quite well.
The main compartment has been designed to be the main focus of mirrorless, but the capacity is also possible, and 5DMARKIV with my 24-105mmf4LII is also fully swallowed, and even more short lenses are included.
Camera bag is an important tool for professionals, but it is also a style and is also fashion. I think this bag is one of the few tools that compatible with it.


Photographer / Movie Director
Top Print TiC Creative Headquarters Photo Creative Department
Minami clouds Haniko AKIHIKO NAGUMO

Intellectual Property Control Senior DTP Expert, Intellectual Property Management Seniator DTP Expert, Intellectual Property Management Senior DTP Expert, a World Heritage Site, a World Heritage Site, centered on World Heritage Site
Born in 1970 Ryukawa Prefecture. I grow his childhood in Brazil Sao Paulo.
In 1993, he joined a letterpress Print Corporation after graduating from the University of Tokyo University of Art.
He belongs to Toppan Idea Center Photo Creative. He is a chief photographer.
He also conducts video production, seminar instructors, mainly commercial photos.
APA Advertising Year-Patent Presentation, National Catalog Poster Exhibition Grand Prix
Awarded awards such as ADESIGN Award Platinum.

2014 Graphic Turial 2014 "Hibiki" Creator
2015 "Brasil" held at Canon Gallery Nationwide
2017 Graphic Trial Hong Kong Participation

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