Photographer Tsurumaki Breeding and IND-500

Use photographer Tsurumaki breeder IND-500

I use it from the test stage. It is attached to EOS M5, but the texture of leather was very soft and fascinated in a soft and hands.

Since there is no bracket etc. on the way, it is safe because it does not scratch the camera. Nice adjustment. I like the designer's half pilight and I like it. There is a camera on the edge of the Masoichi, and I will put it in a shooting veneer.

As it is ultimately simple, I will try to use it without getting tired.

Tsurumaki baby
Born in Tokyo Katsushika. She learned photos during the advertising agency work, and then she belonged to the Bridal Photo Office, and she goes through the Camer Man Assistant. She is a wide range of activities such as advertising, photographic magazines, photography school lecturers and seminars

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