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Ultra-lightweight snap shoulder bag 2 Codura Eco, AIR use

Ultra-lightweight snap shoulder bag 2 Codura Eco, AIR use

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A very light water repellent shoulder bag using "Cordura Recycling Nylon *" with excellent durability.


Lightweight and storage for small bags.
MADE IN TOKYO Be proud ofEdoCourty hand work by craftsmen, certainfinish

Recycling nylon, which was born from the viewpoint of environmental considerationODura ECOStrong material by "teeth,Azumen more surprising than normal nylon, weight by weight. Some rain will also be water repellent,Cushion material on the whole surfaceBecause there isProtect luggageBecome

When you open the flap,Design pointBecomeFront 2 pockets

The durability and light weight were improved using a new type of "Codura AIR" from the new type.
There,You may want to put a smartphone, pass case, audio player, ormobile batteryJoine. If it is a compact cameraGh28mmAnd GRx40mm)bothPut and take a snapIt will be good

Main unitteeth,Long wallet, tablet and notebook, small mirrorlesscameraIt is the size to enter,The storage capacity is also firm.InsidePartbackMesh pocketAlsoBecauseI do not want to disappearsmallLet's cope to it.

It is suitable for traveling everydaysize, A design that can be used regardless of men and women.

"I'm going out for a moment."InBeI finished my free and feel free bag.

Text by KaWoru Kobayashi

420 High-density Cordura ECO has regenerated manufacturing waste recovered from the factory, reducing the consumption of energy raw materials and reduces waste and reduces harmful gas during incineration compared to virgin nylon use. . It is an environmentally friendly nylon function that reduces pollution such as water. It is also excellent in strength and durability as compared to general 6 nylon.

W220 mm (mouth 240 mm) H170mm D 100mm (Pocket 40mm)

200g weight

Domestic Made in Japan (made in Japan)

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