IND-430 Neoprene Pad 50

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IND-430 Neoprene Pad 50 is a shoulder pad attached to the shoulder bag.
If you attach a neoplane pad to your shoulder bag, moderate flexibility of neoplates work and reduces the burden on shoulders.
Especially when you put heavy equipment in a hot time and walking, the tape will be eliminated from that discomfort that brings into the shirt.
It is possible to handle a 50 mm wide tape.

Product name Neoprene pad 50
Item Number IND-430
Color black
size W310 x H15 × D80mm
weight 73 g
Main material Neoprene rubber (chloroprene rubber)
Country of origin Japan
Jan 4589770430355
 ※ Specifications may change without notice.

Neoprene pad

Put a pad and reduce the burden on shoulders

When the neoplane pad is attached, the bite to the shoulder is eliminated and the burden is reduced.
When you put heavy equipment in a shoulder bag and walk, it will be released from the dizziness in the shirt.

Neoprene pad

Easy installed to shoulder bag

Since you are using a removable tape "Velcro" that can be pasted or peeled, you can easily install it with your shoulder bag.

Neoprene pad

Flexible and elasticity of neoplane material

Neoprene fabric is as used in the wet suit of scuba diving, the durability and durability, and moderate flexibility reduces the burden on shoulders.

Neoprene pad

Combined with bungee shoulder straps

When installed in "IND-480 Banjey Shoulder Strap", the strap of bungee material that extends up and down will further reduce the burden on shoulders.